About Square

Square offers a complete, high-end website design, development and hosting service for small businesses – without the high-end cost.

I’m Steve

I’ve been designing, developing and hosting WordPress websites since 2012 for both myself and a large variety of clients from different industries and countries. I’m an experienced designer, marketer and business consultant and I work directly with business owners to help them attract more and better quality customers.

Square exists to bridge the gap between marketing and design online, and also do all of the heavy lifting involved in keeping your website fast, secure and effective. User experience and first impressions are paramount in modern business, and your website has the task of setting you apart in an ever more competitive marketplace. I believe that now more than ever, most websites are holding businesses back instead of driving them forward.

Design is A Modern day Secret Weapon that Accelerates Growth and Profits

Design is one of the most underutilised tools in modern marketing, and investing in the way you present your business to the world can help grow your business faster and more effectively than your competitors. In fact, companies that are design-driven can outperform the S&P 500 by as much as 219%. 

Square’s mission is help business owners effectively and measurably utilise design online to boost their bottom line.

Good design is good business.
– Thomas Watson Jr, IBM CEO

So Why Work With Me?

There are four key components that differentiates the service I’ve carefully and purposefully built over the past several years. These are outlined below and what all of these represent in combination are a complete, start to finish service by a dedicated, experienced professional.

Specialised Skillset

I don’t dabble in web design part time. I’m a dedicated WordPress specialist and I’m experienced in ecommerce, creating themes & plugins, WordPress security, and setting up optimised hosting servers.

Experience & Efficiency

I’m well versed in conversion optimisation and A/B testing, and I create professional, clean and modern designs from start to finish. Most importantly, I can help you turn your website visitors into leads and customers. 

Marketing First Approach

The primary role of design in business is to enhance a businesses marketing efforts. Design is a sub-discipline of marketing and it’s role is to enhance a businesses overall marketing strategy.

Fast Support

I stand by and fully support my work, and I have exceptionally fast response times. If you have a problem that requires attention I’ll be able to solve it fast and efficiently – especially if your website is hosted on my platform. 

No Contracts &
No-Nonsense Pricing

Websites start from just £799, and managed hosting is a low flat £49 per month.